Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 2 sided aluminum metal, dog tag shaped photo pendant, approximately 1 1/2″ x 2 1/4,”  made from your selfie inspired images.
The Big Splash Pendant is more like a medallion than a locket sized pendant.  Sizes vary by shape. Circle is 2.8,”  Oval is 2.5″ x 3.12,”  Hex is 2.7″ x 3.1,”  and Rectangle is 3.1″ x 2.1.”   This is a 2 sided, quality item, made in the USA.  See our Current Products page for shape illustrations.
Selfies Ornaments are 2 sided aluminum photo Holiday / Christmas themed items. They are similar to the Big Splash Pendants.  Each Selfies Ornament comes with a red ribbon ready to hang on your tree in future years.

Selfies Ornaments are Seasonal and are available from Sept. 15th through Jan. 15th only.

 No.  You can create your Selfies Unleashed products without the need to Login. 
 By creating an Account and Logging in you can save your unfinished order(s), store your Shipping information, and add comments to our News section. 
This is the hole for the chain/ribbon.  You don’t want the hole to cut into your face or an important part of your picture. Try different shapes, hole locations, or a framed insert, to correct this problem.
The framed insert is like framing your picture.  The picture is a bit smaller and has a frame around it.  You can choose your frame from the options offered. The hole for hanging the pendant goes in the frame instead of your picture.
Yes!  Our site includes a photo editor.  Smart Phone sized devices allow basic editing.  Tablet sized and larger devices include more advanced editing features.
You can add text to selected styles.  See the specific product pages for styles with the text option.  You can also put words, quotes, names, dates, etc. on your Selfies Pendant if prepared in a picture format  (JPG) using one of your picture editors.  A tutorial is available by following this LINK.
You can add names, dates, nick names, events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, places, etc.  Make it yours.
No! These are metal pendants (lightweight aluminum) that are made using a new art medium that preserves your photos by infusing dyes directly into the specially coated aluminum material.  Your photos become the pendant.  Wait until you see your finished pendants.  So cool.

Gorgeous colors. Bright and vibrant.  Nothing to warp, peel or tarnish. This is a permanent piece of wearable art. Our pendants are fun, quality items made in the USA.

Yes! Each Dog Tag or Pendant comes with a 30″ chain for wearing.  The Holiday Ornaments with a red ribbon.   All items have the option for additional chains.
Currently Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and Instagram can be loaded directly from your account. Other social media sites will be added in the future.  You must have the rights to use any image.  No Watermarks or Copyrighted materials.  See our Terms and Conditions for further details.
Currently, you can access your accounts on Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Microsoft One Drive. Other Cloud services will be added in the future.  You must have the rights to use any image.  No Watermarks or Copyrighted materials.  See our Terms and Conditions for further details.
No. It is like any small metal item on a necklace.  Not recommended for infants or young children.
Your order is generally started within 48 hours of your downloading your photos and completing  your payment through Paypal.  Completed orders are shipped promptly and generally received within 7-10 business days.  Sometimes sooner.
Yes! 2 Day Delivery is available at $15 extra per order (Continental USA). Overnight delivery is also available based upon carrier fees.
Yes!  You can order a Selfies Unleashed Pendant from almost any Country worldwide.  Fees and Delivery details will be provided on a custom quote basis.
No.  You can use PayPal’s credit card processing without creating an account.  By creating a PayPal account you securely store your credit card information on PayPal and can use this account on any site that uses PayPal.
Yes!  Almost any of the photos stored in your computer, camera roll, or your social media site will work.  But if the picture is of poor quality, out of focus, too dark or too light, your Selfies Unleased Pendant will be disappointing.  Try to download the very best images you own.

Some pictures taken with very old phones and digital cameras may be too “small” to produce a quality pendant. If this is the case, you will be automatically advised.   See our Terms and Conditions.

That’s up to you!  Get ready to “Wear ’em and Share ’em.”  Get started now!
Typical Pictures used for Selfies Unleashed Products