Collectable Pokémon Pendants

Collectable Pokémon Pendants

Are you a Pokémon Go Player? Or do you play another Smart Phone Game?

Did you take over a Level 4 Gym with your Snorlax? Hatch a Blastoise? Evolve to a higher level? Grab a screenshot with your Smart Phone and show’em off!


2-Sided aluminum Dog Tag shaped pendants, apx. 1.377 x 2.25 inches, includes 30 inch chain. Your screenshot photos are permanently made part of the aluminum, not a laser or engraved process for outstanding detail and color.

Priced at $34.99, includes a 30″ chain and
FREE Domestic fedex logo Ground Shipping.
No surprise add-on charges or costs.

It is easy –

– Just take screen shot(s) of the event or use another picture
– Bring your picture to this web site
– Select which style (1 or 2 pictures, and background color)
– Upload screenshot pictures and place them into the template
– Add you words if a text template was chosen for the reverse side
– Add to shopping cart and check out

Our Editors will fine tune your pictures to insure your dog tag looks as good as possible.
We have developed a special photo editing process for the best presentation.


Pictures on Both Sides

pixs2-blk pixs2-wh
2 Pictures on Black Background 2 Pictures on White Background

Picture on 1 Side and Text and the Other Side

pix-txt-blk pix-txt-wh-rev-2-ch-sq
Text on Black Background Text on White Background


We offer other shapes of Pendants for different shapes of your pictures

Click Here to see our Photo Pendants


Our Guarantee


Returns and Refunds – We guarantee every product for quality of workmanship including fading, peeling, and tarnishing.
If the product does not meet your quality expectations, contact us for a replacement. We will work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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