How To and Insider Tips!

Insider Tips and How To’s for Best Results



Step 1 Choose a product

Our signature product is a Dog Tag Shaped pendant, approximate size is 1.4″ by 2.25″

If your picture is mostly vertical (up and down, portrait mode), try a Dog Tag with a top or bottom hole

72533854 dog tag    172262927 dog tag bot


If your picture is mostly horizontal (sideways, landscape mode), try a Dog Tag with a side hole


192208898 - dog tag right hole



Step 2 ALWAYS Beware of the hole

Each Selfies Pendant has a chain hole in it so you can “wear” your creation on the 30″ chain which is included.  Your don’t want the hole to be in anyone’s face or cutting into an important part of the picture.

dt w text 2



idea clip artINSIDER TIP 1

These “Big Guys” are larger than the Dog Tag Shaped pendants.  They are approximately 2.7″ by 3.1″

Here they are side by side:

sam 3 compare

They come in 4 shapes

Just like the dog tags, these are 2 sided, quality metal products made in the USA.  They will not peel or tarnish.  Beautiful colors!  Infused directly into the metal!

The finish will not fade!  They will be around a long, long time!

Use these medallion sized pendants for group photos, perhaps when writing out a favorite quote, showing off a great scenic picture you shot, or whenever you want to make a Big Splash!

oval saying clouds     honeymoon b   48479092 cir

idea clip artINSIDER TIP 2

Remember all our Selfies Unleashed Products are worn by both guys and gals! Each comes with a 30″ chain.  Get ready to WEAR’EM and SHARE’EM.

idea clip artINSIDER TIP 3

An option 4″ chain is available during the order process.  You can then use your Selfies Dog Tag Pendant, Selfies Big Splash Pendant, or Selfies Ornament as a Key Chain or Luggage Tag! Fun!

idea clip artINSIDER TIP 4

Use Framed Inserts not only to decorate your Selfies, but also to place the hole out of the way!

add frame

idea clip artINSIDER TIP 5

Enhance your Selfies by cropping and adjusting colors and lighting, or adding some text before you make your pendants.   Use Photoshop or any of the great apps such as Moldiv, FotoRUs, InstaMag, YouCam, PicLab or others.  Simple editing is available on our site within the creation process.

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